BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023 | Research Associate I

BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023 | Research Associate I

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Research Associate Role as hiring by BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023, Undergraduate Degree minimum (Digital Marketing, BCom, BTech, BE) Candidates can apply for the post.

BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023 – OVERVIEW

Company BCG
Role Research Associate
Qualification Undergraduate Degree minimum (Digital Marketing, BCom, BTech, BE)
Experience 0-1years
Location Bangalore
Salary 4LPA – 6LPA


With its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a well-known international management consulting firm. Since its founding in 1963, BCG has emerged as a global leader in offering businesses, governments, and organizations cutting-edge solutions and strategic insights. BCG is a consulting firm that specializes in strategy consulting, innovation and product development, digital transformation, and operations management. It is well-known for its analytical and data-driven methodology.

The company has offices in major cities throughout the world, and its consultants are well-known for their proficiency in solving challenging business problems and fostering long-term growth. BCG’s significant contributions to business management and strategic thinking have cemented its standing as a major force in the consulting sector. For the latest and most detailed information, it is advisable to refer to the official BCG website or contact the company directly. Founded in 1963, Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) is a Boston, Massachusetts-based American global management consulting firm.[3]

Along with McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company, it is one of the “Big Three” (MBB), or the three largest management consulting firms in the world based on revenue. The consulting has been run by German executive Christoph Schweizer since 2021. As a division of The Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, the company was established in 1963. To create the consulting division that would function as a subsidiary of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, Bruce Henderson was hired by Arthur D. Little.

At first, the division only provided advice to bank clients, and the first month’s billing was only USD 500. In December 1963, Henderson engaged Arthur P. Contas as his second consultant.[7] BCG established a second office in Tokyo, Japan, in 1966. Henderson introduced Bill Bain to the company in 1967 and offered him a position. Bain consented and began working there in 1967 with an annual starting salary of $17,000.[9][10][11] Bain was internally viewed as Henderson’s eventual successor in the early 1970s.

But in 1973, Bain left BCG to launch his own strategy consulting business, Bain & Company, which resulted in the firing of six BCG staff members. The Boston Consulting Group published its “2022 Annual Sustainability Report” in 2022, which featured several projects with an emphasis on the effects on society and the environment. There has been a 30% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% reduction in water usage, a 15% reduction in waste generation, and a 10% reduction in energy consumption since 2015. The “growth–share matrix” is a chart that was developed and made popular by BCG in the 1970s to assist large corporations in allocating funds among their business units.

To allocate cash, the company would classify its business units as “Stars,” “Cash Cows,” “Question Marks,” or “Dogs.” Since “Stars” and “Question Marks” have higher market growth rates and therefore greater upside potential, money from “Cash Cows” would be moved toward these two categories. The Boston Consulting Group allegedly collaborated with Isabel dos Santos, who exploited Angola’s natural resources while the nation suffered from poverty, illiteracy, and infant mortality, according to a January 19, 2020, New York Times article.[29]

The jewelry company De Grisogono, owned by her husband, and the Angolan state-owned petroleum company Sonangol reportedly hired BCG through shell companies in Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands. The firm was reportedly paid through offshore companies in tax havens like Malta. Following a Dagens Nyheter investigation, Boston Consulting Group was criticized for its role in building the New Karolinska Solna University Hospital.

In particular, the high cost of hiring outside consultants, including BCG, and the possible conflict of interest arising from a former BCG employee who later served as a hospital executive and approved multiple expenses without proper receipts.[32] The authors and journalists Anna Gustavsson and Lisa Röstlund from Dagens Nyheter contend in the investigative journalism book Konsulterna – Kampen om Karolinska (roughly translated as The Consultants – The Struggle for the Karolinska University Hospital) that the value-based health care model as advocated by BCG had not been adequately examined and had consequently led to an exponential growth in administration and a lack of responsibility for patients.


  • Project planning and execution fall within the purview of research associates. This entails planning experiments, gathering and evaluating data, and guaranteeing the precision and dependability of study conclusions.
  • Research Associates frequently carry out in-depth reviews of the literature to comprehend what is currently known in their area of expertise. This aids in the formulation of research questions, the identification of knowledge gaps, and the placement of the new study within a larger framework.
  • One of the main responsibilities is to use statistical tools and techniques to analyze research data. Research Associates are required to clearly and meaningfully present their findings, interpret the data, and draw conclusions. Making written reports, graphs, and charts might be part of this.
  • Research Associates are frequently in charge of overseeing laboratory equipment, making sure it operates properly, and keeping a clean, safe workspace in fields that involve laboratory work. This involves supervising the procurement and inventory of essential materials.


  • It is essential to be proficient in a variety of research techniques, such as experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Research associates ought to be well-versed in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
  • In order to guarantee the precision and dependability of research results, attention to detail is crucial. Research associates must precisely record data, adhere to experimental protocols, and spot any anomalies or irregularities.
  • Research frequently entails overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. Research Associates should be skilled at resolving problems that may come up during data collection, analysis, or experimentation, exhibiting inventiveness in problem-solving.
  • Research is frequently a team endeavor. Research Associates are expected to contribute their expertise to the project’s overall success, work well in a team, and communicate with colleagues.

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BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- What is the company name?

Q:- What is the post offered by the company?
ans:-Research Associate

Q:- What are the qualifications required for this post?
ans:-Undergraduate Degree minimum (Digital Marketing, BCom, BTech, BE)

Q:- What is the salary range for this post offered by the company?
ans:-4LPA – 6LPA

Q:- Could you provide me with some company information?
Ans:- Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a renowned global management consulting company with its main office in Boston, Massachusetts. Since its establishment in 1963, BCG has become a world leader in providing cutting-edge solutions and strategic insights to businesses, governments, and organizations. BCG is a consulting firm with a focus on operations management, digital transformation, innovation and product development, and strategy consulting. It is renowned for using an analytical and data-driven approach. The organization maintains offices in significant global cities, and its consultants are highly regarded for their adeptness in resolving complex business issues and promoting sustained expansion.

How to Apply BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023

  • Select the “Apply here” button that is located below. You will be taken to the official career page of the company.
  • “Apply Online” should be clicked.
  • If you haven’t already, make an account.
  • Log in after registering and complete the application form with all the required information.
  • If asked, submit all necessary documents (such as a resume, grade report, and proof of identity).
  • In your application, be sure to include factual information.
  • Make sure all the information entered is accurate.
  • After verification, submit the application process.


The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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BCG Mega off-campus Drive 2023 | Research Associate I


The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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