Clifford Chance off Campus Drive 2023: Hiring As Application Support Analyst

Clifford Chance off Campus Drive 2023 : Hiring As Application Support Analyst

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Application Support Analyst Roles as hiring by Clifford Chance off Campus Drive 2023. Bachelor in Engineering Degree Candidates can apply for the post.


Company Clifford Chance
Role Application Support Analyst
Qualification Bachelors in Engineering Degree
Experience 0-2years
Location Delhi
Salary3Lpa – 4Lpa


A major participant in the international legal services market is the multinational law firm, Clifford Chance. Clifford Chance is a globally recognized legal practice that offers a wide range of legal services and advice to clients worldwide. The company is renowned for its innovative legal solutions, diverse and welcoming work environment, and dedication to providing top-notch legal services. In 2023, if Clifford Chance holds an off-campus recruitment drive, it will be a sign of the firm’s continued dedication to bringing in top talent for its legal teams and promoting diversity and growth within the company.

It is recommended that you visit Clifford Chance’s official website or get in touch with their human resources department directly for the most accurate and current information about the company and its recruitment efforts. The “Magic Circle” is a collection of international law firms with their headquarters located in London, England, and Clifford Chance LLP is one of these firms. It is a British multinational law firm. With a total revenue of £2.04 billion (US$2.79 billion) in 2022–2023, Clifford Chance is the largest law firm with a UK headquarters in terms of revenue.

Based on revenue and lawyer count, it is among the top ten largest law firms globally[4], with profits per equity partner surpassing £2 million. Acuris reports that as of 2020, Clifford Chance had the greatest number of European M&A mandates under its belt, making it the go-to advisor for elite private equity clients across the continent.[5] It received the International Financial Law’s International Law Firm of the Year award that same year. Two London-based legal firms merged to form Clifford Chance in 1987. The first was Coward Chance, a company founded in 1802 by Anthony Brown, the son of a fishmonger.

Brown’s company was involved in the Panic of 1825, which was brought on by speculation about investments in South America, particularly the fictitious nation of Poyais, which was created by Scottish soldier Gregor MacGregor. Cecil Rhodes was one of the company’s longest-standing clients. The company assisted in the establishment of the Rhodes Scholarships, handled his estate after his death, and provided advice on his diamond mining venture in South Africa. Guglielmo Marconi was another customer. The second company was Clifford-Turner, which had offices on Gresham Street, EC2, and was established by Harry Clifford Turner in 1900.

Dunlop Rubber Company and Imperial Airways were among its clientele. Clifford Turner observed and provided advice on the establishment of the John Lewis Partnership in 1929. It gave the Labour government advice on nationalizing a number of privately held industries following World War II. In 1961, it established offices in Paris; in 1972, Amsterdam; in 1980, Madrid; and in 1986, New York. Although Clifford-Turner and Coward Chance were not elite London law firms, their merger is believed to have altered the nature and reputation of legal firms both nationally and internationally.

Clifford Chance joined forces with the 1871-founded US firm Rogers & Wells and the Frankfurt-based legal firm Pünder, Volhard, Weber & Axster in 1999 (the use of the Pünder, Volhard, Weber & Axster and Rogers & Wells branding for their respective European and US regional offices was discontinued in 2003). With approximately fifty lawyers from the folding dot-com firm Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, Clifford Chance opened branches in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Diego, and San Francisco when it first opened for business in California in 2002.

The company shut down its Pacific Coast operations in 2007 due to the financial crisis in California. After the restrictions on foreign law firms were loosened in 2005, Clifford Chance was among several international law firms that established local law practices in Japan. The Tokyo office of Clifford Chance maintains a local law practice, even handling local matters for Japanese clients, and views this capability as critical for an international law firm, despite the fact that its competitors in the Magic Circle, Allen & Overy, and Linklaters, significantly reduced this segment of their practice following the 2008 financial crisis.[11]

In a survey conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun in December 2013, Japanese corporate legal departments ranked Clifford Chance as the top European law firm. The business experienced severe revenue losses during the late 2000s recession, much like other Magic Circle companies. In the 2008–2009 fiscal year, its profit decreased by 33.4%.[13] In 2009, Clifford Chance announced plans to reduce costs in response to the recession, which included the layoff of 115 support staff members and 80 lawyers in London.[14] Beyond the initial 80 lawyers, the firm also took 50 fee earners in London who applied for redundancy.[15]

In an effort to increase efficiency, the company transferred back office duties to its 350-person Global Shared Service Center in 2011—which also included a 60-person Knowledge Center in New Delhi, India. By combining with two M&A boutique law firms—Perth-based Cochrane Lishman Carson Luscombe and Sydney-based Chang, Pistilli & Simmons—Clifford Chance established offices in Australia in May 2011.[17][18] Clifford Chance established its first permanent on-the-ground presence in Africa in February 2012 when it opened a new office in Casablanca.[19]

The Ministry of Justice in South Korea granted permission to Clifford Chance, a UK-based firm, to establish an office in the country in July 2012. After receiving over £9 million in fees from the City of London Corporation between January and September of 2011, it was named the company’s largest supplier in November of that same year.[21] in February 2018, subsequent to Carillion’s construction and services company’s January 2018 liquidation.


  • Application support analysts are in charge of locating and fixing problems with software programs. This entails working with development teams to implement solutions, examining system logs, and troubleshooting issues that end users have reported.
  • It is a big responsibility to support end users. Application Support Analysts answer user questions, provide training sessions to improve user proficiency, and help users comprehend and navigate software applications.
  • To anticipate problems and take proactive measures to resolve them, application performance must be continuously monitored. Monitoring tools are used by application support analysts to keep tabs on system performance, spot bottlenecks, and maximize application efficiency.
  • Application Support Analysts report bugs, share user feedback, and assist in the creation of updates or patches in close collaboration with software development teams. Working together with developers guarantees that development and support activities are integrated seamlessly.


  • It is essential to have a solid technical and IT foundation. The technologies and frameworks utilized in the applications they support should be known to application support analysts. Comprehending databases, operating systems, and programming languages pertinent to the applications falls under this category.
  • Application support analysts must be able to evaluate complicated problems, troubleshoot them quickly, and offer workable solutions. Finding the sources of issues and putting long-term solutions in place requires strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Interacting with end users, developers, and other stakeholders requires effective communication. Application Support Analysts need to be able to communicate verbally and in written documentation about technical concepts in an understandable way.
  • A customer service mindset is essential as you are the first point of contact for end users who are having problems with applications. When addressing and resolving issues, application support analysts should be kind, patient, and focused on providing a positive user experience.


FAQs :

Q:- what is the company name?
ans :-Clifford Chance

Q:- What is the post offered by the company?
ans:-Application Support Analyst

Q:- What are the qualifications required for this post?
ans:-Bachelors in Engineering Degree

Q:- What is the salary range for this post offered by the company?
ans :-3Lpa – 4Lpa

Q:- Could you provide me with some company information?
Ans:- The global law firm Clifford Chance is a significant player in the global legal services market. Clifford Chance is a well-known law firm with clients all over the world, providing a broad range of legal services and advice. The organization is well-known for its creative legal solutions, friendly and diverse workplace, and commitment to offering superior legal services.

If Clifford Chance conducts an off-campus recruitment campaign in 2023, it will be an indication of the firm’s ongoing commitment to attracting outstanding candidates for its legal teams and fostering diversity and expansion within the organization. For the most precise and up-to-date information about Clifford Chance, it is advised that you visit their official website or get in direct contact with their human resources department.

How to Apply Clifford Chance off Campus Drive 2023

  • Select the “Apply here” button that is located below. You will be taken to the official career page of the company.
  • “Apply Online” should be clicked.
  • If you haven’t already, make an account.
  • Log in after registering and complete the application form with all the required information.
  • If asked, submit all necessary documents (such as a resume, grade report, and proof of identity).
  • In your application, be sure to include factual information.
  • Make sure all the information entered is accurate.
  • After verification, submit the application process.


The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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Clifford Chance off Campus Drive 2023 : Hiring As Application Support Analyst


The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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