Diligent off Campus Drive 2023 : Hiring As Billing Specialist

Diligent off Campus Drive 2023 : Hiring As Billing Specialist

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 Billing Specialist Role as hiring by Diligent off Campus Drive 2023. Any Graduate, BCOM Candidates can apply for the post.

Diligent off Campus Drive 2023 – Overview

Company Diligent
Role Billing Specialist
Qualification Any Graduate, BCOM
Experience 0-3years
Location Bangalore
Salary3 Lpa – 5 lpa

Diligent off Campus Drive 2023– ABOUT COMPANY

Global software provider Diligent Corporation specializes in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. Diligent was founded in 2001 and is renowned for offering cutting-edge technological platforms that enable businesses to improve board collaboration, expedite document management, and guarantee regulatory compliance. Boards of directors and leadership teams frequently use the company’s flagship product, Diligent Boards, to enhance governance procedures and enable secure communication. Solutions from Diligent serve a wide range of industries, including non-profits, healthcare, and finance.

The organization is acknowledged for its dedication to promoting effectiveness, openness, and responsibility in corporate governance procedures. It is advised to check out the official Diligent website or get in touch with the company directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding Diligent Corporation and its off-campus recruitment efforts. Information sharing and collaboration for board meetings is made possible by Diligent Corporation, also referred to as Diligent. The company was founded in Delaware and has its headquarters in New York City.

It also maintains offices in Dublin, Ireland; London, UK; Munich, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Hong Kong; Bangalore, India; Sydney, and Vancouver. The primary offerings of the company are subscription-based and built on the software as a service model. These include voting tools and corporate governance technologies like a messaging board portal.[1] Sixty-five percent of Fortune 1000 companies use products from Diligent.

In 1994, Brian Henry and Kiri Borg established Diligent as Manhattan Creative Partners (MCP), providing secure website consulting and hosting services to insurance companies, mutual funds, and financial institutions. Early in 2001, AIG SunAmerica requested secure automation of board documents, which prompted Diligent to start developing the Boardbook.

Along with Sharon Daniels, Dan Kiley, Kenneth Carroll, Alessandro Sodi, Marc Daniels, and Robert Craig, Henry and Borg founded Diligent Partners in 2003.[3] With the change of name to Diligent Board Member Services, Manhattan Creative Partners shifted its services to concentrate on corporate governance delivery software. In 2007 Diligent made its $24 million NZX IPO, valuing the company at $115 million, when it listed on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX). Despite the company’s successful fundraising efforts, details about the bankruptcies of the original founder and CEO, Brian Henry, and his brother Gerald Henry, came to light before the company was listed.

The 1987 stock market crash was the cause of these bankruptcies in the late 1980s. Because of a specific section of US law, Gerald Henry was sentenced to prison for fraud in 1991.[4][5] Gerald Henry was not connected to the company, according to a statement issued by Diligent. Henry’s resignation as CEO was announced by the company the day after Diligent’s listing because of the oversight of this information’s disclosure.

But at the time, some reporters asserted that Diligent’s lawyers and PR firm “should have advised Henry to publicly acknowledge his history.”[5] Indeed, Buddle Findlay, Diligent’s IPO lawyer Mark Russell stated, “We were honored to have our brand associated with Diligent and with Brian in particular.” We are not at all concerned.”[5]

According to a report, “Mark Russell, a director of the legal firm Buddle Findlay, was one of the promoters and directors of Diligent who was aware of Brian’s affiliation with Energycorp but chose not to disclose it. It just so happens that Russell was employed by the Bank of New Zealand in the 1980s, and on a handshake, the bank had lent the company $15.5 million. When the Apple iPad was introduced in 2010, Diligent created an app for the new device and saw an exponential increase in its clientele. In 2012, Diligent realized its first operational profit. The revenue of the company increased by 165% in 2011 and 2012.[9]

The price of a share of Diligent stock reached over NZD 8.00 by mid-2013. Diligent stated in August 2013 that inconsistencies in the business’s accounting procedures required it to restate revenue for the three years prior and current. Although the company was forced to recognize revenue from the day a contract was signed rather than the beginning of a month, and its installation fees were recognized over a longer period of time, there was no fraud involved. On February 14, 2016, Diligent declared that subject to shareholder approval, it had reached a final agreement to be acquired by Insight Partners for $4.90 per share, valuing the business at $624 million.[13]

Following a shareholder meeting in Auckland, New Zealand on April 13, 2016, wherein 57% of votes were cast in support of the proposed merger, Diligent withdrew from the NZX and went back into private ownership.[14] The NZ Shareholders Association opposed the merger, claiming that “the current offer is low compared to where the company’s prospects have been in the past” and that the offer was too low.


  • Accurately and promptly create and send invoices to clients or customers. Billing specialists are in charge of making sure that all pertinent data, such as quantities, prices, and goods or services rendered, are accurately reflected on the invoices.
  • Oversee the complete payment receipt process, which includes recording payments, balancing transactions, and resolving any inconsistencies. The goal of billing specialists’ work is to guarantee that payments are made on schedule and precisely match the amounts that were invoiced.
  • Answer questions from customers about inconsistencies, billing, or payment concerns. Billing specialists speak with customers to answer questions, settle conflicts, and give information on billing-related topics.
  • Work together with customer service, sales, and other pertinent departments to obtain the data required for billing procedures. Billing specialists ensure accurate and well-coordinated billing processes throughout the company by collaborating closely with cross-functional teams.


  • For billing specialists to guarantee accuracy in invoicing, processing payments, and maintaining records, they must pay close attention to detail. Precision is an essential skill because even small mistakes can have a big financial impact and damage relationships with customers.
  • For Billing Specialists to interact with clients, respond to questions, and settle billing disputes, effective communication is essential. Building trust and ensuring clients understand their financial transactions are two benefits of clear and concise communication.
  • Organizational abilities are essential for billing processes because of the volume of transactions and data involved. In order to ensure accurate documentation and simple retrieval, billing specialists must effectively manage documents, invoices, and customer information.
  • Billing specialists frequently deal with clients or customers face-to-face. Answering questions, resolving issues, and upholding goodwill all require a customer service-focused strategy. A person’s capacity for empathy and problem-solving enhances customer satisfaction.

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FAQs :

Q:- what is the company name?

Q:- What is the post offered by the company?
ans :-Billing Specialist

Q:- What are the qualifications required for this post?
ans:-Any Graduate, BCOM

Q:- What is the salary range for this post offered by the company?
ans :-3 Lpa – 5 LPA

Q:- Could you provide me with some company information?
Ans:- Diligent Corporation is a global software provider with a focus on governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. Diligent was established in 2001 and is well known for providing innovative technology platforms that help companies ensure regulatory compliance, accelerate document management, and enhance board collaboration.

Diligent Boards, the company’s flagship product, is widely used by leadership teams and boards of directors to improve governance practices and facilitate secure communication. Numerous industries, including non-profits, healthcare, and finance, benefit from Diligent’s solutions. The organization is recognized for its commitment to advancing corporate governance practices that are responsible, transparent, and effective.


  • Select the “Apply here” button that is located below. You will be taken to the official career page of the company.
  • “Apply Online” should be clicked.
  • If you haven’t already, make an account.
  • Log in after registering and complete the application form with all the required information.
  • If asked, submit all necessary documents (such as a resume, grade report, and proof of identity).
  • In your application, be sure to include factual information.
  • Make sure all the information entered is accurate.
  • After verification, submit the application process.


The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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Diligent off Campus Drive 2023 : Hiring As Billing Specialist

The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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