Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023 Hiring Performance testing – Intern

Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023 Hiring Performance testing – Intern

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 Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023. Go through this full article & know the responsibilities and requirements.

Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023 – Overview

RolePerformance testing – Intern
QualificationB Tech Preferred
Experience 0-1 years
Location Bangalore

Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023ABOUT XIAOMI COMPANY

Since its founding in 2010, Xiaomi, a well-known Chinese electronics company, has had a major influence on the global consumer technology market. Xiaomi, which is well-known for its creative thinking and dedication to offering premium goods at affordable costs, has grown to become one of the biggest smartphone producers globally.

Xiaomi has diversified its product line beyond smartphones to include wearables, audio products, smart home appliances, and more, all under the direction of its gregarious founder, Lei Jun. Xiaomi’s unique selling point is its online-focused business strategy, which makes use of e-commerce to connect with a wide range of consumers. The company’s “Mi Ecosystem” strategy, which encourages cooperation with different startups to build an extensive ecosystem of networked smart devices, is frequently credited with its success.

Our logo’s “MI” stands for “Mobile Internet.” Additionally, it can mean “Mission Impossible” because in our early days, Xiaomi had to overcome many obstacles that seemed insurmountable. The company Xiaomi Corporation was established in April 2010 and went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Main Board on July 9, 2018 (1810. HK). With smartphones and smart hardware linked by an IoT platform at its heart, Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and smart hardware manufacturer.

In keeping with our mission to “Make friends with users and be the coolest company in the users’ hearts,” Xiaomi is always looking for new and creative ways to improve user experience, operational effectiveness, and quality. The company never stops creating incredible products at fair prices so that everyone on the planet can benefit from cutting-edge technology and live better lives.

One of the top manufacturers of smartphones in the world is Xiaomi. The MIUI MAU surpassed 606 million globally in June 2023. In addition, the company has created the most popular consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform in the world. As of June 30, 2023, 654.5 million smart devices—aside from tablets, laptops, and smartphones—were connected to this platform. Globally, Xiaomi products are available in over 100 countries and regions.

For the fifth consecutive year, Xiaomi was ranked 360th in the Fortune Global 500 list released in August 2023. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, the Hang Seng TECH Index, the Hang Seng China 50 Index, and the Hang Seng Index all include Xiaomi.”Just for fans” is how we see it. Every step of the way, our devoted Mi fans take the lead. Actually, a lot of Xiaomi staff members were initially Mi fans before joining the group. We all strive for the same unwavering perfection as a team, continuously improving and honing our products to give users the greatest possible experience.

We also push our own boundaries and experiment with new concepts without fear. Our distinctive Mi products are the result of our commitment to innovation, belief in it, and the support of Mi fans.

We are very inventive, transparent, and flat. Not endless gatherings. No drawn-out procedures.
We offer a welcoming, cooperative atmosphere that fosters the growth of creativity. Xiaomi is a talented company! The Mi team competes in friendly matches to showcase their skills in basketball, swimming, badminton, and other sports. A ton of star potential has also been discovered by our annual “Mi Idol” contest.

With an emphasis on being the most user-centric mobile internet provider, Xiaomi strives to consistently surpass customers’ expectations by introducing cutting-edge hardware, software, and services.
Several of our staff members were first admirers of Mi products before deciding to work for us.

In addition to having a strong enthusiasm for technology, our team constantly strives for excellence, going against the status quo and pushing the envelope to keep our products distinct and provide an unmatched user experience. Xiaomi Corporation, also registered as Xiaomi Inc., is a Chinese company that designs and manufactures consumer electronics, related software, home appliances, and household hardware.

It is also known by the common name Xiaomi. After Samsung, it is the world’s second-largest producer of smartphones, with the majority of them running the Android-based MIUI (now HyperOS) operating system. The business is the youngest one on the Fortune Global 500, coming in at position 360. In 2010, at the age of forty, multibillionaire Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in Beijing with the help of six senior associates. In addition to founding Kingsoft, Lei also sold Joyo.com to Amazon in 2004 for a $75 million sum.

Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in August 2011 and went on to become the market leader in China for smartphone sales by 2014. The business first sold its goods exclusively online before opening physical storefronts.[6] It was creating a large variety of consumer electronics by 2015.[7] The company sold 146.3 million smartphones in 2020, and over 500 million people use its MIUI (now HyperOS) mobile operating system each month.[8]

Xiaomi has a roughly 12% market share as of 2023, making it the third-largest smartphone seller globally, according to Counterpoint.[9] Some have dubbed Xiaomi the “Apple of China” as a result of its existence.[10]

It has developed a line of wearable technology.[11] Through the use of its Internet of Things and Xiaomi Smart Home product ecosystems, it is also a significant manufacturer of appliances, such as air purifiers, flashlights, televisions, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Unlike most smartphone companies, Xiaomi keeps the majority of its products on the market for 18 months, which allows it to keep prices close to its manufacturing and bill of materials costs.[12][13]

To maintain low inventory, the business also uses flash sales and inventory optimization. Lei Jun and six other individuals co-founded Xiaomi on April 6, 2010: Liu De (刘卷), department chair of the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Science and Technology; Zhou Guangping (周光平), senior director of the Motorola Beijing R&D center; Lin Bin (林斌), vice president of the Google China Institute of Engineering Beijing

Li Wanqiang (黎万强), Kingsoft Dictionary’s general manager
Principal development manager Huang Jiangji (黄汗吉) and senior product manager Hong Feng (洪峰) work for Google China. In addition to founding Kingsoft, Lei also sold Joyo.com to Amazon in 2004 for a $75 million sum.[15]

Lei believed he could create a better product than other mobile phone manufacturers, so he founded the company in response to his dissatisfaction with their offerings. Xiaomi released MIUI, the company’s first Android-based firmware, on August 16, 2010 (now HyperOS).[16]

The business completed a $41 million Series A round in 2010.[17]The Xiaomi Mi 1 was the company’s debut phone, released in August 2011. Android was installed on the device, along with Xiaomi’s MIUI firmware.[15][18]The business completed a $90 million Series B round in December 2011.[17]At a $4 billion valuation, the company raised $216 million in funding during a Series C round in June 2012.

In the initial funding round, Qualcomm, Temasek Holdings, IDG Capital, and Qiming Venture Partners were among the institutional investors that took part.[15][19]Hugo Barra was employed by the company in August 2013 after leaving Google as vice president of product management for the Android operating system.[20][21][22][23]

As vice president, he helped Xiaomi grow outside of mainland China, making Xiaomi the first smartphone company to hire a senior employee from Google’s Android division.

In February 2017, he departed from the company. Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone and a 47-inch 3D-capable Smart TV running Android in September 2013, both of which were put together by Taiwanese Sony TV manufacturer Wistron.[25][26]It rose to the fifth rank among China’s most popular smartphone brands in October 2013.[27]Xiaomi sold 18.7 million smartphones in 2013.

Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023– Roles & Responsibilities For Performance Testing – Intern

  • carrying out Performance Test Case Execution Plans
  • thoroughly recording test results for rival and test devices.
  • establishing test settings.
  • creation and execution of development tests based on issues that can be reproduced by users.
  • Using JIRA, locate the bugs, report them, and track their life cycle
  • assessing and analyzing the findings of the performance tests as well as the bug report and logs
  • supplying input on the serviceability and usability of products.
  • identifying and putting into practice additional optimization and development in the automation case development.
  • Take appropriate action in response to external and beta user feedback in the Android Performance module.
  • offering technical support for Android technology when required.

Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023 – Skills Required For Performance testing – Intern

  • fundamental understanding of the bug life cycle, SDLC, STLC, and testing concepts.
  • It’s beneficial to have a rudimentary understanding of Android ADB commands.
  • Must be well-versed in Android, mobile functions, and the fundamentals of the HW module.
  • Basic proficiency with Python for Android, ADB commands, and Ubuntu will be beneficial.
  • basic familiarity with test rail, defect tracking platforms like Jira, and the bug life cycle.
  • Needs to be able to communicate effectively and open to picking up new technologies.

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Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q:- What is the company name?

Q:- What is the post offered by the company?
ans:-  Performance testing – Intern

Q:- What are the qualifications required for this post?
ans:-B Tech Preferred

Q:- What is the salary range for this post offered by the company?
ans:-  2Lpa-6Lpa

Q:- Could you provide me with some company information?
Ans:- The well-known Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has had a significant impact on the global consumer technology market since its founding in 2010.

Renowned for its innovative ideas and commitment to providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, Xiaomi has expanded to rank among the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers.

Under the direction of its gregarious founder, Lei Jun, Xiaomi has expanded its product line beyond smartphones to include wearables, audio products, smart home appliances, and more.

Xiaomi’s online-focused business strategy, which leverages e-commerce to connect with a wide range of consumers, is its unique selling proposition. The company’s success is often attributed to its “Mi Ecosystem” strategy, which promotes collaboration with various startups to create a vast networked smart device ecosystem.

How to Apply Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023

  • Select the “Apply here” button that is located below. You will be taken to the official career page of the company.
  • “Apply Online” should be clicked.
  • If you haven’t already, make an account.
  • Log in after registering and complete the application form with all the required information.
  • If asked, submit all necessary documents (such as a resume, grade report, and proof of identity).
  • In your application, be sure to include factual information.
  • Make sure all the information entered is accurate.
  • After verification, submit the application process.


The aforementioned recruitment information is solely being provided for informational purposes. The organization’s official website is where the aforementioned recruitment information was found. We make no guarantees regarding employment. The company’s established recruitment process must be followed when hiring new employees. We don’t charge anything for providing information about this job.

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Xiaomi Mega Off Campus Drive 2023 Hiring Performance testing – Intern
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